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Slutcracker Sweet

As a tribute to the sexy, sultry, holiday burlesque sensation, we bring you a ménage à trois of cocktails inspired by Boston’s own, Slutracker.

For the next three weeks we’ll feature a cocktail each Wednesday crafted with the naughty sluts of the stage in mind. 

Slutcracker Sweet is a lusty sip that cracks like a whip. We’ve combined traditional Christmas flavors (plum, anise, almond, cinnamon, sugar) with an abundance of holiday spirit in this festive nightcap. This is not your mother’s sugarplum. Indulge alone or with company, we won’t judge either way. 

Slutcracker Sweet

1 ounce Stoli vodka
1 ounce Choya plum wine
1 ounce ouzo
1/8 teaspoon almond extract
Shake over ice, strain.

Rim with cinnamon and raw turbinado sugar.
Garnish with fresh plum.
Check The Slutcracker out here:
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